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HealthiStraw For all Your Needs!

Below is some information from the manufacturer:

"Sourced from the Canadian prairies, HealthiStraw™ is made from 100% premium wheat straw. From package to package, our straw is the same, consistent throughout, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. For specific applications, see our HealthiStraw family of products below."



Resilient and innovative, our versatile straw bedding is a natural, convenient solution that allows your animals to live in a dust-free environment that energizes them to grow strong and live in comfort. Available in 'Fine' or 'Coarse' form


GardenStraw is an all-natural, biodegradable mulch that has been cleaned and shredded. It keeps soil cool and moist and prevents most weeds from germinating.


Your horses deserve the very best in health and comfort, so give them our premium EquineStraw bedding that energizes them to be healthy, strong and happy.


Animal Identification Products:

Livestock Allflex tags are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Custom numbering/lettering are available for any Kurl-lok and Allflex tag style. Cattle (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Tags are available all year round.


Livestock Care & Pharmaceuticals:

Ranging from a growing selection of poultry feeders/drinkers to large animal water troughs, trough heaters and heated pails, we have lots offer! Spring and fall calving/lambing supplies, specialty colostrums and pharmaceuticals are all available.


Showmanship Tack - Equestrian & Cattle:

We carry a wide variety of high quality equestrian tack, along with numerous catalogues for special orders on saddles and specialty gear. Come to us to find what you are looking for.

In addition to equestrian showmanship equipment, we offer a good variety of beef and dairy showmanship equipment for 4-H requirements.


Farm and Ranch Fencing Supplies:

Because we stock a variety of fencing supplies, we are also able to offer bulk fencing & maintenance supplies. We carry Gallager, Speedrite, and Dare products.

We have full fencing packages available: get a package quote for all the fence posts you need of multiple sizes and lengths, and all the necessary supplies.




Animal Feed Options






Co-op feeds are known for their quality at a reasonable and competitive price. Elm Creek Co-op orders feed from the co-op feed Plant, in Brandon. The Co-op Feeds Company offers various feed options for cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, poultry as well as other miscellaneous species. Click an image to view.


Let us know about your feed needs; we would be happy to help! We already Let us know about your feed needs; we would be happy to help! We already carry a large selection of products but, if we don't have what you need, come in and discuss your needs with us.

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